Don’t you love terms such as that title?  Remember them from reading so many English novels, or novels about Scotland…Candlemas, Michaelmas…Have to say that I have never ready any of the Outlander books, but that the prose Diana Gabaldon has written, used in Outlander Kitchen, is really lovely; since I love the stories of the series, I think I might start working my way through the books soon.  In a chatty mood; in a minute may settle down for all the news shows about what happened today with a mint julep.  But, in particular, in the Outlander Kitchen book, in the recipe for “Mr. Willoughby’s Coral Knobs,” a really yummy sounding concoction for what’s known in the South as pimiento cheese, I was struck by the prose; it was lovely in a very provocative way, Page 85, and I found a term that I thought was exclusive to my family only…

I have the strangest feeling that this is the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton.  That surprises me but I have to admit the feeling persists.  I think we are in the midst of what I saw in cards for her.  We’ll see, but honestly not only has she been proven to be a miserable liar on paper now, but she is so grossly incompetent in the way she conducted herself as Secretary of State…she was the head person to determine classification of intelligence…wow, she blew that one big time…either that, or she was covering for the shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation, and truly if it hadn’t been for Benghazi, the private server would not have come to light.  The long arm of cosmic justice emerging from the flames?

Now, on a different note.  I truly like Trey Gowdy of South Carolina,who has sat on the Benghazi hearings, and was on this one today with Comey.  He gave a brilliant breakdown in his questioning of Comey that showed how much Madame Clinton lied.  Without a doubt.  And I have long been making this observation of this brilliant man I genuinely like and admire privately and well say it now aloud:  I never thought in all my days I would cast my gaze on someone whose hair was worse than mine!