Another glorious night’s sleep, more like 8 hours than 12.  Awakened feeling great.  Did some laundry before 8AM.  Yesterday was National Fried Chicken Day.  In honor of, soaked a cut up chicken in seasoned milk overnight as Mom always did (who made the BEST fried chicken) and right now after dipping it in seasoned flour, it’s sizzling on the stove in Mom’s old great, cast iron skillet.  Funny, but I had forgotten this–reading Outlander Kitchen there was a bit about southern fried chicken, a Dixie mainstay, but it originated in Scotland!  That’s so true.  There’s an African American-owned neighborhood restaurant in New Orleans called Willie Mae’ Scotch House that’s renowned for its fried chicken.

And, as I am frying, wearing the ultra seductive ensemble of jeans shorts, a misshapen old gray T shirt, crowned by a leopard print bandana over mine hair to keep out the smell of fried chicken.

At the top of the hour,, FBI Director Comey will go before Congress.  Strategically, I hope they don’t make him the villain.  Because he blistered Clinton’s ass even if he pulled out the rug from under us all by not recommending a criminal case in what is obviously a criminal case.  Very reassuring to me is the overall outrage spewing forth from this on both sides, but had to laugh because yesterday on FOX there was the Clinton Clown from the past, as a putrid butt trumpet blast from the past, their flunky, Lanny Davis.  Still being the stupid lackey, although now an aged one.  You’d think he’d learn with the passage of years.  I guess I will have cabin fever again today, although I dearly hope for a life-saving swim, glued to the telly.

My next cooking project will be to make cassoulet.  One Sunday morning years ago, Mom and I undertook a French recipe to do this.  It was delicious, absolutely delicious, but very time consuming.  I think I will semi follow, “Conspirator’s Cassoulet.”  Break out the Beano!