I was rather glued to the television yesterday to the point I have the frustration of cabin fever.   I even watched Bam Bam campaign with Hildebeast in NC, and I have to admit, they’re good, they’re very good…in their Machiavellian orchestrations, the way they set this entire investigation up, the way they gave pie in the sky promises to people who, shall I say, are naive enough, uninformed enough, in other words, their political base that votes these clowns, taking the rest of us down with them, into office.  This is a well-oiled machine, corrupt as hell, and this is an administration subversive to America.  And what’s really scary is this:  this is a woman who will carry the nuclear football who didn’t protect as Secretary of State precious secrets; an ultra elite hacker, of which Comey said in all probability hacked into these emails, good enough to leave no trace…they never do…that they were there…could very well blackmail Clinton is she was elected president to do God knows what–if she had any sense of decency, which she clearly does not, she would drop out of this election.  But she won’t because she is so hungry for a mantle of powers she doesn’t deserve to wear.  And I’ve been restraining myself for several weeks to make this observation, but I will here:  After she won the last primary that indicated she would be the Democratic nominee, she made the statement that she was relishing the idea that history had been made and she was the first female nominee for president…I thought she sounded like someone who was in the afterglow of a happy sexual encounter.

I hope all their cleverness, their libbie band of brothers that makes them think they are above anything, can do anything to anyone, steal from them, their Grand Illusion that many of them of that bent seems to have that they are even above God, let alone their misguided perception they are above those they deem the little people, completely implodes.