It was dazzling and beautiful today, and the beauty of the golden sunlight belied the wall of heat…nevertheless, after staying in all day yesterday because of the news, had to get out.  Stopped by the library to see if my hold on, “Crisis of Character,” was in yet, and it wasn’t, probably there’s a waiting list past Christmas.  But I did check out a book that made me spend a couple of very pleasurable hours reading and relaxing.  It’s called, “Outlander Kitchen,” and I have to say I found it a very clever idea.  The writer lives on an island near Vancouver with her husband and dog, where she writes a food blog, and was a fan of the Outlander books for year.  So, with the blessing of Diana Gabaldon, author of the series, she set about compiling a cookbook based on some of the food mentioned in the books.  I really enjoyed this.  Each recipe starts with an excerpt from the book where food is somehow interwoven in the story–the first one I opened to at random in the library was, “Conspirator’s Cassoulet,” in Paris when they’re plotting to prevent the Jacobite rising.  Claire writes from first person about how she “enjoyed the bacon-flavored beans, and dipped her bread into the gravy…”  shades of red beans and rice, sort of.  There were recipes of veal in wine sauce; Scottish eggs, ragood pork, Gypsy Stew (this really sounds wonderful, etc.)  I didn’t move until I got through the entire book; I wonder if Meggie would like this as a gift…Hats off to this writer for an original idea and well-executed plan.  Will publish a link to her website in another post.

Having sufficiently satisfied my thirst for words, and being that it was only 2PM when I finished, I wanted a swim.  I swam my usual fifty minutes to an hour, but I didn’t want to leave the pool.  There was a soft southwesterly breeze blowing, the sun felt wonderful now that I was in the water, and so I just stayed there.  I ran my purple noodle across my shoulder blades, hooked my arms around it and just drifted in the breeze and the water and the sun for almost another hour.  Got rather brown but didn’t burn, came in for a shower, washed my hair, and feel wonderful.  Yesterday after lunch had to fight falling sound asleep again, and after dinner I was so tired I got into bed to watch all the evening news shows about Killary–I’m going to start calling the Clintons, Mr. and Mrs. Faustus–I wonder when we’re all in eternity hopefully behind the pearly gates if we’re going to hear them both howling from hell? and fell sound asleep at 6 PM; woke up periodically throughout the night very briefly but slept like a heavy log and finally awakened ready to rise at 6AM.  Twelve hours’ sleep!  Saturday morning I was getting something out of the hall closet where I keep brooms, sweepers, plant food and other chemicals, along with Christmas cookie canisters and lo and behold one of the tin canisters  fell off the top shelf and I was just able to twist my foot to keep it from falling on the Protruding Little Toe…and falling on the one next to it.  By the time I was ready to go to Mass, that toe was a nice shade of solid Cabernet Sauginon, fading into the green gold of a Pinot Grigio up towards my instep.  But, it was not broken,  it was not broken!