At first I was very surprised to clearly hear FBI Director Comey clearly state how Hillary Clinton clearly, clearly violated the statute that could involve imprisonment, because it sounded to me he had a cut and dried case against her, thus blowing my theory she would not be indicted.  All of the evidence he laid out showed she was in gross violation of that Statute covering gross negligence.   And then, having built such a case, he recommends no charges.  No charges.  After just laying out a case that showed she was in multiple violations of the statute.  After announcing that, he beat it the hell out of the room.  This is another Clinton, Liberal, crooked disgrace.  It is corrupt, it is the Emperor’s New Clothes, and I swear I think they have a pact with the devil.

I’m not surprised, but I thought he was going to surprise me.  God help us all if that woman is elected.