I was going to run an errand and then come home for a swim, but they announced nearly half an hour ago that FBI Director Comey was going to make an announcement at 10 AM my time, 11AM EDT, so there’s no way in heck I’m going anywhere until after.  This timing is crazy…Bill meets with Loretta on Monday in an unethical move; Killary is grilled for 3 and a half hours on Saturday by the Feds, making it sound like she enjoyed it very much…Cheryl Mills leaving her house later looking rather grim…why does the IT person have immunity…somehow that seems to be the key to the whole thing…now Bam-Bam has taken her in hand on Air Force One to go a-campaigning with her in NC…and then, and then, Comey announces he has an announcement in exactly one half hour.  No, I’m not moving, although it may not be anything major that he will announce.

In the meanwhile, I will make further comments.  Last night settled in and felt like watching A Capitol Fourth on PBS.  It was enjoyable, but funny, I couldn’t help but comparing some of the guest singers to Stephanie, my choir director, and Joan, cantor and fellow choir member and I knew both of these ladies had more beautiful voices than any of the women singing last night.  Definitely more beautiful voices.  It was raining in DC, so they showed a video of last year’s fireworks at  the end,and that’s when my neighbors over the way from my back porch began filling the night sky with their own fireworks.  I sat in the recliner, enjoying both.

Remembering my Tarot reading about Hillary that said she wouldn’t be elected definitely, that something awful would cut her off from it…wonder if this is it, but I still don’t believe she will be indicted.  Curious timeline of things.