Well of y course by 11 AM I was starvin’ Marvin, so I had a couple of delicious ribs, a serving spoon of sweet potatoes and a small cup of the pot liquor soup (made with collard greens).  Watching, “The Scarlet Coat,” a really good story about John Andre, a British chap I’ve come to really like and admire; he was featured prominently in, “TURN,” and I liked his characters very much.  About an hour and a half later, thought I’d watch, “The Devil’s Disciple,” had some apple cobbler (really was delicious even if it was my heart healthy wing-it recipe I made up as I went along, and a cup of coffee…and can you believe it…after the coffee I fell sound asleep during the movie.  I must be more wiped out than I realized.  But I did awaken to watch, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” one of my favorites and this seemed almost like the perfect 4th of July movie of all.  I love Jimmy Stewart’s performance, he certainly was a gorgeous young man; I loved Claude Rains in anything; God he was perfect was quietly conveying his shame and pain at what he was doing, the way he avoided looking at Stewart, etc.  I think he’s one of the finest film actors to come along.  Thomas Mitchell as always wonderful, and I love the chemistry between Jean Arthur and Stewart..they also had that perfectly  in, “You Can’t Take it With You,” another favorite of mine.  Just ran out to Dorignac’s for something; hot as blazes, but people are grilling around the pool, tossing huge bigger than beach ball balls, the latter done by a group of grown men.  Everyone seems happy today.  Looking forward to swim again tomorrow.  I am still marveling about how much stronger my core feels and not experiencing that wretch pain when I walk, more like stiffness in my legs, than pain.  Feel like sleeping in the recliner tonight, not for therapeutic reasons, but for fun, with the porch lights glowing on the railing, and possibly the fireworks, like a 4th of July campout.