This is one of my favorite holidays, Independence Day.  I say the word Independence with relish, tripping it over my tongue, thinking of the doors it opens, the skies it opens, the sanity is leads to–the all time, unconditional, healing state of sanity born of a free mind, psyche, soul, heart.

About to head out for a good long swim.  Waiting for the sweet potato oven fries to finish cooking; will accompany the pot of pot liquor soup I made yesterday, the honey glazed baby back, very lean ribs I cooked yesterday; when I come back from swimming, before it gets too hot for the oven, will pop the apple cobbler in that I just made on the spur of the moment.

It’s been so hot, the AC has not stopped running, so hot for late June and early July.  Wish it would rain, but not before I swim.

TCM will show its usual repertoire of Independence Day movies, and in the same order it always has it seems, but they are waiting until midnight tonight to show my favorite Independence Day movie, “1776.”  So I will tape it in case I’m asleep but just had to add one of my favorite numbers from it below.

Watched the Watters World Summer Special last night where he asked college students on the beach questions like, Who did we fight in the Revolutionary War.  Answers included France, Germany.  Who won the Civil War?  North Korea. and so it went.  There was a segment on hated cliches, and I felt some commiseration when a lot of people on Coney Island answered their most hated cliche was, “My Bad!”  I can’t tell you how grating I find that statement, and it’s usually said by people who grate on me.  Can’t believe right before I went on vacation, I forgot to tell a doctor something and he asked me about and I said, oh, My Bad!  I nearly died.  I then profusely apologized for using that ridiculous statement and can only surmise it was my extreme need for a vacation that brought that out.

Find myself taking the most delicious three-house long naps, usually starting at 11AM, just tired.  But awakened this morning not so fatigued, so maybe I’m finally getting rested.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!