Apres swim.  Swam for fifty minutes.  Usually when I get into the pool, no matter what time it is, the water is almost stinging cool until I get used to it and then it just feels heavenly; been so hot, and I mean, hot , entered the pool at 8AM, when it’s really 7AM and it felt like bathwater.  Still, it was a gorgeous morning; mourning doves waddled around the pool then took off with their distinctive SQUAWK that really embodies and encapsulates my exact feelings whenever I see Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  Add Elizabeth Warren to that as well.

But it was beautiful.  The licorice stick lampposts, the oak tree lining the street alongside the pool, the palms.  It is so New Orleans and I enjoyed it.  Glad I could swim for almost the same duration after being woefully out of shape all winter due to toe, leg, haunch and lower back.

The house smells like apple cobbler; mingling on that is the pitcher of blueberry tea I’m steeping to ice.  Took a shower in April Violets; got some sun color; wet hair streaming cooling down my neck, red shirt, jeans shorts, bare feet; looked in the mirror after my shower and swim and was surprise–what was my fatigue bloated face (I didn’t drink anything but water yesterday), had gotten back to normal; color in my cheeks, no makeup, but damn, I feel pretty!  Have to find a pool close by so I can swim all year long!

Very relieved this past Saturday and this morning to see someone has come to their senses–somewhat and is looking at FOX.  They aren’t perfect, but they give all sides.  Okay in about a minute or so going to change to TCM for the spate of Revolutionary War movies.  One of my favorites, The Devil’s Disciple, will be shown at 12:30 today.  “John Paul Jones” is not so great, but, it’s on now…or shall we stick with FOX until 12:30?

Already, my lower back and leg feels so much better.  This swim will happen daily.