Did a little research on Shirley Ann Grau.

She is still alive, and is probably 90.  She was born in New Orleans, lived in New Orleans and Metairie.  “The Keepers of the House” was published in 1964, I remember Mom had it and read it, and when I got older, I read it as a teen.  It won the Pulitzer Prize that year; Ms. Grau said one morning she awakened in a very cranky mood; her phone rang and someone introduced themselves as a representative of the Pulitzer Committee telling her she had won the Pulitzer Prize.  She thought it was a friend playing a joke on her, angrily retorted, “yeah, and I’m the Queen of England!” and slammed the phone into the cradle.  It really was the Pulitzer committee and they had to go through her publisher much to her embarrassment.   She was living in Metairie at the time, and a bunch of bigots tried to burn  a cross on her lawn but it fell over and just burned lying down.  She said she kept the charred marks on the grass for years because she wanted to be reminded of it.  Her husband was a professor at Tulane.