I have reserved, “Crisis of Character” by Gary Byrne at the Library, the secret service agent who was outside Clinton’s door in the White House.  He has been interviewed on FOX alot, but it seems some Clinton elbow have kept him from appearing or being invited to any of the mainstream media stations, certainly not CNN nor MSNBC.  He said Clinton’s reputation, that is, his and the Hildebeast, preceded him.  Byrne told a colleague who was onalem  duty in Arkansas, “there’s no way this guy can be elected president.”  His colleague laughed and said, “they’ll be there for eight years…you don’t know these two, they have a way of turning manure into gold.”  Personally, I think they entered into a pact with the devil.

So, that phrase about them turning manure into gold kept running through my head after I learned Bill Clinton met privately with AG Loretta Lynch in an airplane in Arizona.  Whether or not they discussed golf and grandkids–for a half an hour–is besides the point.  This is the spouse of a woman who is under FBI investigation meeting with the head of the DOJ–that’s way beyond unethical.  So, I figure, the handwriting is on the wall.  Hillary won’t be indicted but not because of there not being a case.  You have Obama endorsing her while she is under criminal investigation.  Now there’s a story they are trying to postpone release of the emails for investigation for another 27 months…I suppose if she’s elected she can then, as president, pardon herself.  The Clintons appear to be above any rule.  They have been a blight on his nation since his election.  I know people, as always will blame George W. Bush for 911, but I blame Clinton.  He was warned about UBL and the viable threat he was to America and did nothing about it; when the US Cole was attacked, he did nothing.

I don’t believe gold and grandchildren were the only subject.  Why did the FBI order no photographs and tried to keep this quiet?

Now Lynch is saying she will defer to what decision the FBI says about indicting Clinton…I wonder if she means this twenty-seven months from now?  You know it’s bad when even the Democrats says how inappropriate this meeting was.  Frankly, I think Lynch should resign.