Watching the rain yesterday.  There’s a window across from my desk and the rain had me under it’s spell.  Wondering how wonderful it would be to watch the rain with you.

Rained very hard during the night but I slept through it; only knew because the bougainvillea on the front porch, along with the basil, had been tipped over.

Don’t know why but suddenly I feel like I’m walking down Pacific Avenue in San Pedro.  I can feel the California sun, very soft sun, and smell the sea air.

Meggie and I were discussing, “Outlander” yesterday, the season finale is July 9, and she told me a bit of what’s going to happen, and crazily, I went into a teenaged girl romantic slump.  Almost as if I would cry as I used to at love stories like, “Wuthering Heights” with Timothy Dalton, “Doctor Zhivago,” “Jane Eyre,” with George C. Scott.

I asked Meggie if she thought Claire belonged more with Frank, her husband in the 20th Century, or with Jamie Fraser.  She told me, Jamie and Claire are soul mates, Jamie forever.  I agree with that last.  In the first episode, when Claire and Frank are on holiday in Scotland where all this begins, there is a scene of a dark Scottish Street; in the upper window, Claire can be seen sitting at her vanity near a small yellow light brushing her hair.  Frank is approaching the inn where they’re staying and sees a Highlander standing in the shadows, gazing intently up at Claire.  Then he is no longer there; I thought then it was Jamie, somehow spanning time again to come to her, or it was his spirit…and he does tell her at some point he will see her again, because he “saw” her sitting near a “small yellow light.”  I don’t know why but considering that again and talking with Meggie touched me to my heart…like a teenaged girl.

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