Bon Jour from Le Ernest Hemingway Room.  The little Palm Bower outside waves, the red trumpet flowers entwine around the fronds.

Still tired, maybe not up to a swim yet; did walk for half an hour in the apartment saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary, and walked around forty-five minutes before that fixing dinner.  Making an oven version of chicken catch used my own herbs in my deep Pyrex bowl; roasted broccoli florets with garlic in olive oil and herbs are done; smells heavenly in here.

Dr. David Jeremiah had the most beautiful message today about the Bible and Psalm 19.  Dinner will be ready in about one hour; whole wheat angel hair pasta has been cooked; not rushing around the rest of the day at all.  Going to read, and watch the ghost shows I taped last night.  I believe Ray Donovan starts  tonight; Outlander ends soon but they will show the entire season this Saturday starting at noon; think I will prepare to binge watch but must tell Meggie so she can get her full dose of Stanley.  “Turn” ends tomorrow night; this has been a really good season for that; Penny Dreadful is gone, “The Good Witch” already ended; all my summer treats gone.  But summer is an easy time, and there is much to enjoy as we slow down in these hot months.  Can’t believe it’s already six months from Christmas!  Wonder if I will paint something when my vacation starts…this Thursday!