Years ago when I was a young chick and worked at a hospital, there was a Woman With a Reputation.  Apparently well-deserved as she was known by self admission to, shall I say, do to doctors what is usually driven into a wall by a hammer.  Constantly.  Now working very close to me were two nuclear radiologic technicians, grown men, we were good working buds, I liked them and vice versa.  We had nice conversations, but I can’t say either of them ever gushed over me, nor did I want them to–so one day, I came upon the Woman With A Reputation talking to one of these techs–who wasn’t a young man at all.  He had previously described this woman to me as a “slut and a w.”  But there he was, fawning and gushing over her, asking veiled questions about her activities, you’d swear she was kingdom come arriving here on earth.  Smiles, cutesies, Traversism…when she walked away he turned me and said, “That is the biggest slut!”  At the time I was most perplexed by his behavior to her and his obvious opinion of her, but then I was rather young then…now it all makes perfect sense.

I think adding to Travers’ intense gushing is also the fact of the explicit sexual passages that appears in this person’s books.  And I mean explicit.  Gee, boys, let’s hope Mom has made you all so proud!