Tra La, Tra La.

The Supreme Court basically nullified Bam-Bam’s Executive Order about immigration, thus giving the states power over it.  The Emperor takes a dive.  Lecture to follow.

Ta La, Tra La.  The third cop who went on trial in the Freddie Gray case was acquitted–this was the worst of the dastardly coppers–the one who took Gray, according to the Brain Dead District Attorney in Baltimore, on a “wild ride” that killed him.  If that ride was so wild, why was the police officer not killed or injured?  Bonfires in Baltimore tonight?  CVS Pharmacies, beware.  I don’t think there’s a rag large enough to wipe all the egg from the face of this D.A.  who had a political agenda.  Lecture from Obama to also follow?

Tra La, Tra La:  Loretta Lynch advising everyone that the best way to defeat terrorism is to fight it with our better natures and love.  Even she didn’t look as though she bought that one.  I’ll be happy to give them plenty of love with the help of Glock, Smith and Wesson, and my good old fashioned pepper spray.

I’m trying to decide who gets the Flea of a Syphilitic Goat award in all this.

I need to check to see if that disgusting sit-in on the floor of Congress is still going on.  “We want the vote!”  You already had the vote and lost, jackasses.  Playing to your stupid ignorant, uninformed political base by trying to get them to believe the big bad republications wouldn’t let you vote.  That’s right, get on with that propaganda.  Then, there was the floorshow performance of the dems sining, “We Shall Overcome.”  Lawsy.  I’ve never seen in my lifetime such a sickening panorama of a publicity trick.  What would have really made it complete was if Elizabeth Warren, aka, Minehaha, would have jumped on the tables and Stripped for Gun Control.  Ew.  That would haunt me in my dreams.  This was like looking at a bunch of two years old tantrumming in a day care.  A shameful, embarrassing disgrace.  And all liberals.