How do you feel about the Brexit vote that will take place tomorrow?  Are you able to vote?  As you know, from long experience with how terrible I am, I have An Opinion.  And it’s this.  I vote to leave the European Union.  I hate it and all its end of days implications, but more than anything, I believe nations should have their own sovereignty.  Especially Great Britain.  You wouldn’t have to be forced into doing things the rest of Europe demands.  You wouldn’t have to assist countries that perhaps didn’t deserve the money.  Your taxes would generate more positive revenue.  You could control your borders.  And you’d be sovereign Great Britain once again.  So, I frankly hope it fails.  It sounds like something Hillary Clinton and Bam Bam Obammaland would approve of; and it sounds like a lot of fear mongering is being spread by people who want to keep it.  So, from this American who can’t vote, it still gets my vote to leave the EU.  Rule, Britannia, Britannia rule the waves!