I will be working with a new editor at Renaissance, a 16-year-veteran journalist who lived in Austin.  Her name is Melanie and we’ve already exchanged emails about story ideas and we seem to have a lot in common.  She’s a lot of fun; Louisiana Life is going to do a Best Of issue for September-October and asked for suggestions from it’s contributors.  I emailed Melanie a boatload of ideas that she responded to very enthusiastically, and with humor.  I think I will enjoy working with her very much.

Still feeling the aftershocks of this June somewhat.  I have a trick now that I use, or should I say a secret weapon, when  I awaken for no reason at 3 AM as what happened this morning. EWTN was showing a most beautiful ceremony of the Holy Sacrament, complete with singing, “Holy God We Praise Thy Name,” “Tantum Ergo,” a favorite, ancient hymn of mine, followed by the litany praising Jesus.  I taped it; and whenever I awaken at this hour before I start making the coffee, I play this tape and the gorgeous ceremony that praises God, something you know who and its minions hate and can’t stand, fills my home from 3 AM to 3:20.  How have I survived anything if it hasn’t been with the help of God?

So, after playing this tape and feeling peace rush through my home, I settled down in the dark morning with the lights on the porch outside, my mug of Joe, and watched, “Turn.”  Last episode is next Monday.  All of my summer shows are ending.  “Outlander” was somewhat boring again, but I watched it twice.  They’re just not going to top Paris, although I was glad to see the return of evil Lord Sandringham and Mary, who finally grew some gumption.

It’s 3PM, ironically as I write this and this is the hour of Christ.  Twelve hours ago I was singing his praises in the dark creepy 3 AM hour that seems to still plague me after 29 years.  God, and that’s another thing:  29 years ago???  Can’t believe it.

Funny story about Brandi’s baby, James who is almost five months old now.  He likes to watch basketball games.  He is adorable.  Brandi says that she sits in front of the television with his father, another James, holding the baby on her lap and he watched the game, leans back against her, flings one arm to his side like he’s reaching for a brewsky and takes in all the action.  I thought that was too funny.