And it really was a moon day.  Did you see the moon this morning?  On my end, it hung in the southwestern sky in the deep dark blue, and then, as the sun was just beginning to come up,it glowed really fat and round, catching a bit of a blush from the rising sun.  Just beautiful. The summer solstice and a full moon on the beginning of strawberry season.  First I heard of that last, apparently the Algonquin tribe started it.

Well, “Penny Dreadful” ended last night, and I mean it really ended.  This was the last episode of the series and giving the way all three seasons have gone, there was no other choice but that it had to end this way.  Or it just would have been damned bad writing.  But how I will miss it next summer.  It neatly tied together all the characters’s stories, and left much satisfaction although it isn’t the end I would have wanted…except I would like to know how Ethan will fare living out his terrible curse…it is over, the producer confirmed it, but I thought I spied a bit of an opening when the subject of reincarnation was brought up…but no, hope they never go there.  Going to miss the moodiness of gaslit London, the wet bricks, the costumes.  Couldn’t help but observe a shot of Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm, Josh Hartnett as Ethan and Wes Studi as the Indian walking through the noxious foggy streets of London as evil was gaining ground…three really fine specimens of men at different ages…dressed in period clothes of the 1890’s…it complemented them beautifully and I love to see men dressed this way who can carry it so well.  Patti Lupone was a trip as Dr. Seward, and in both turns as characters, i.e. Joan Clayton and this year, this actress deserve an award for having the professional chops to wear two of the worst hairstyles any thespian was made to wear!  But she was excellent as always.