A Saturday such as I love.  Awakened to gray skies and the boom of distant thunder that hadn’t quite made to me; gorgeous, pregnant purple clouds roiled overhead.  I had things to do.  Had my cup of Joe, dressed and headed out.

But I must first switch gears and tell you something I did once I returned home and errands were done, and ate lunch.

For days now I have had to quell the strongest desire to read Tarot cards.  I have a beautiful Waite deck, wrapped in a colorful scarf that I never touch for reasons mentioned beforehand. (After doing this for decades, and I might add, helping a lot of people.)  Can’t describe this urge, it’s like a spell that comes over me and that might frighten some but it isn’t evil.  So, I did as I always did when reading; went through the house with holy water blessing it, this time I also used burning sage;made a circle of a rosary, declared I did this in the name of Jesus and wanted only the Holy Spirit to guide me, envisioned myself i the pure white light of Christ, and began reading.

The cards, were, as I used to tell Mom, smoking.  Where to start.  Asked why critics rave over someone’s work so much when it’s terrible and the answer was they’re truly astounded at how bad it is but if they said what they really thought they would be considered unprofessional and go the entire opposite way.  Asked what the key figure in this thought of this person’s work and as a person.  The work part showed they recognized the fame and the accolades, even the hard work, but the surrounding cards of life past this was turmoil, disappointment, steeling oneself, not having true respect for due to merit of this person in and of themselves, but pleased to know the world was duped.  As it should be; nobody’s business, not really.  But tired of it all, really, just tired.  Asked what this key person’s feelings were about me and was completely surprised, completely…because it showed he thinks of me as his complete equal; his consort, that kept coming up, his consort and we were facing one another from each other’s thrones so to speak; resolve, respect; strength.  And his intent, not just desire, intent, to marry.  Surprised me.  And in this marriage to be one regret:  we didn’t have a lot of time as we could have; but that was all.  Surprised me. Completely surprised me. And near this marriage card was the Wheel of Fortune that says destiny propels this more than anything.

I had to ask something about Mom’s last year, but won’t put the answer here.  Just suffice to say that it made perfect sense to me, answered a lot of questions, and I will take it from there.

Then I just had to ask about the presidential election.  I asked first about Trump and couldn’t get a clear cut answer about victory, just an enormous fight and struggle, but I didn’t see a loss either.  Then I asked about the Hildebeast and nearly fell over.  This is what I saw:  her bid for president will be interrupted.  She is surrounded by disaster and ruin, bitter regret, exposure.  Something almost diastrous; honestly, it isn’t my dislike of her coming through but she had some of the worst cards in the pack in strategic places.  She’s not going to make it but  Trump will be fighting and clawing his way there.

Funny, as so happens after I read, I always felt and now do, that all my inner spiritual pipes have been cleared of any sludge. It always had a cleansing effect on me, a calming effect.  And always left me in peace, so how can it be evil?

I have to share a dream I had night before last that I’m sure a shrink would love to review.  As usual in my dreams, this was in living color.  I had just left the office of the IRS in the French Quarter (there’s none there) fighting with a girl who wouldn’t  give me a receipt.  I walked through the rain to the edge of the city and suddenly the sun came out beautifully.  But blocking the city gate (there is no city gate) was an old grade school classmate of mine, Kay S., sitting in a rocking chair at the edge of a most beautiful green fields.  Seated on her lap that she was cuddling and dandling like a child was one huge alligator.  I was with another person and we couldn’t leave because of the gator.  For God’s sake, Kay, I cried, get ride of that thing!  But she didn’t.  Suddenly, running in the field towards Kay and the gator came three small black apes who taunted the gator, enraged him, made him leap from Kay’s lap and bellow at them.  The apes laughed this off, lined up in unison military style, gave a salute, and then as a man, hurled a bottle each at the alligator in such a mocking, undaunted way.  I really don’;t know where that one came from, but it was after the little boy being killed at Disney (who was criminally remiss).  Clearly the apes were telling the gator, Up Yours!  before they scampered away.  The alligator started snapping at Kay’s grandmother who somehow made it into the dream, I leaped on a bench and woke up.  One of the craziest dreams ever, and I haven’t seen Kay since I was nine years old.

I stopped at the library and got, “Keepers of the House,” along with a couple of newly released mysteries.  It is a good day to read.  Stopped at Mule’s and had to buy a new rosary because mine broke again, I’m hard on shoes and rosaries, and got a sapphire blue stone one this time; it’s lovely.  “Outlander” tonight, “Ghost Adventures Aftershocks, and “The Dead Files.”  Choir resumes next Saturday.  The house smells of sage, Consort.