Maybe it’s time for a vacation.  That will happen in thirteen days.  Perhaps I’ll get out of this sludge, or at least renew, when I have time to chill and relax.  So much to get done between now and then here at work.

Feel like re-reading Shirley Ann Grau’s, “The Keepers of the House.”

Although I swore off Bill O’Reilly for a while, I have been enjoying his, “Legends and Lies” series about the Revolutionary War each Sunday evening.  It has a You Are There feel to eat, rough, gritty, and crazy sounding I know but from the time I was a child whenever I saw anything set in Revolutionary War times, I seemed to know it. Not so much with the Civil War, but always the Revolutionary War.  This series touches a vein in me big time, and gives a fascinating side picture of what really happened.  Think I might also read the book.  Maybe it’s time to go to the Library.