Honestly, June has been a strange month this year.  I usually love June, but in the few short weeks of its tenure in 2016, I’ve never seen such hatred and ugliness,  nor rationalization and ignorance and just not wanting to see by people.  Early in the month, or was it late May, I took on the pro-choicers.  That’s when I was cursed out lower than a dog, insulted, you would not believe the things that trash told me but they didn’t faze me.  It showed the mindset of people who support this hideous act and how low they can go.  That’s why after Mass when I heard that sermon I had to thank the priest afterwards and explain why.  I told him I took on the pro-choicers and he took my arm and rolled his eyes heavenward.  “Keep the faith,” he told me and I told him he needn’t worry.  I gave out links to alternatives to abortion, agencies set up for adoption and counseling for women who had abortion and were traumatized.  I might add I did this on a pro-choice website and knew I would be wading into the viper’s pit.  But I did rather fix the most virulent, the dung heap dwellers, both men and women, the most insulting, or the most intellectually vapid with their unctuous defense, the most stupid…it was hard for me to see, but I posted pictures of aborted fetuses and babies and a pile of little bloodied limbs in response.  I left it at that.  I figured that would be enough, but who knows what other rationalization took place later.  I left because I figured I had down all that I could do.  All of this started when Louisiana declared it illegal to abort a baby who would be born with Down’s Syndrome.  About time, targeting those angels.  The headlines read that it wasn’t easy to be a woman in Louisiana.  I’m sick of this; I’m sick of this self-indulgent mindset that’s arrogant enough to call murder justified.  I’m sick of decisions in favor of political correctness.  And I’m not sorry I did this but the scope of hatred, the twisted reasons, the utter sickness that I saw for some reason did not hurt or faze me, but only left me with a realization, a feeling like I was quietly standing on a cliff somewhere looking down into hell, or an ocean filled with insane, hideous creatures.  But the one thing, thought, that did hurt me was that all the while I was doing this I kept picturing myself in a room of liberals with you, arguing with them and knowing you would not have my back.  If that’s undeserved, I’m sorry, but the feeling persisted and left me sad.  But those monsters did not.

Then the Stanford case and that poor girl’s victimization by a swim jock and his equally loathsome father; the massacre and heartbreak of what happened in Orlando, and now this child’s horrific death.  It’s all been macabre, bizarre, a month of anomalies, or at least anomalies brought to light where some might have been hidden.