It’s Flag Day.  Red, white and blue.  The page background will have to suffice for white.

It’s storming outside; we’re definitely in that summertime pattern.

I am one of the million plus people who signed the petition to have the judge on the Stanford rape case removed.  Appalling.  He gave that wild-eyed little piece of excrement a slap on the wrist for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.  Three months of a six month sentenced spent in the community jail.  Add to that the little SOB’s father with his comment that it would be a shame for his son to pay twenty years for “twenty minutes of work.”  I’m going to post the statement the rape victim read to the court; it should be read by every man and woman later.  But kudoes to the two young men who stopped this sicko and helped that young woman.

Photo on 6-14-16 at 12.33 PM Photo on 6-13-16 at 2.33 PM #3