Bon Jour, vous délicieux homme!

I wish you could see what a glorious morning it is here.  Beautiful sunrise, soft gorgeous light peeking through the trees; school is closed and traffic is at its blessed summer minimum.  But I awakened so happy this morning, feeling so strong and well and at peace that I started singing before I had my first cup of coffee…why does coffee smell better on mornings in June?  Why do I feel as though I’ve suddenly cast off a ton of bricks that I’ve been carrying around way too long?

I had to include a clip of this commercial because I love it.  I’m certain it was filmed at City Park, and this looks so delicious I just might risk the sodium to try it.  It almost has a Shades of New Orleans feeling to it; I can say without almost certain reservation this was one of Earl’s top five favorite foods.  Along with daube and spaghetti, or meatballs; chicken, sausage biscuits, etc.  But it was only filet mignon that could make him dance!

May I, out of all respect and regard, discreetly suggest something:  please invest in on one of these, or ask your barber for assistance on all three fronts.  It’s an abomination when any man, especially a  good looking man lets his grooming slip on minor, very noticeable details.  And I don’t add that to insult you.



Photo on 6-1-16 at 8.06 AM #2