I’m home now, the shower is running for me to jump into; stopped by Cansecos for mint chocolate chip ice cream; warming all my barbecue in the oven; hummus, dip and pesto await for appetizers; had another wonderful soak yesterday afternoon, but I’m in a hurry to crash…apres shower, going to watch the rest of, “The Great Escape,” followed by another WWII favorite of mine, “The Guns of Navarone,” and then… et voila, “Where Eagles Dare!”

Such a thunderstorm this afternoon, but I think I’m beginning to see cumulus clouds and a few peeks of crape myrtle blooms.  Enjoy life, the time to be happy is now, in the most happy way you know will and where you will be; Oh, my, the Pickle Man. Yuk, yuk.  You know you’d have more fun with me!  You know you already have.