Saturday evening, Samedi soir, the house is clean, errands done, Mass sung, a most gloriously beautiful Mass, and I have now quite all my labors to don my drink coffee be happy nightshirt, that is about to depart after devoted service to the point of almost becoming a rag, accompanied by a stingingly chilled glass of Soave.  Yum.  Before Mass, took the most divine soak in almost hot water with Dr. Teal’s lavender Epsom salts, lathered up with his lavender Epsom salts body wash, then slathered up with his lavender Epsom salts lotion.  I smell like Tranquility.  Looking forward to “Outlander” this evening wondering how they are going to top that tour de force of last week.  I closed my eyes and dreamed of England.

Deacon David, who has been at St. Catherine’s the past year, will be ordained a priest next weekend; a very, very nice kid, who asked me to pray for him when I left church today.  He will be on my list for life; the new Deacon who will take his place gave the homily; another nice kid, a boy practically and his sermon was exquisite.  That Christ doesn’t want us to come to Mass perfect and shining, we come to Him when we’re dirty and sinful and we tell Him all our troubles–that’s how he wants us, his poor battered, stupid, misguided little brothers and sisters so he can shepherd us all to the Father.  Suppose you were a shepherd.  If a smelly, dirty little lamb came to you who had gotten into mischief and was lost, would you not pick the odoriferous little thing up, clean it up, hug it, and rejoice it had returned?   Feed it, nourish it, protect it?  I think it is in our most tender inclinations, moments, weaknesses of love that we best come to know exactly Who Jesus is–through ourselves.  Trust in Da Lawd for He is good; His mercy endures forever.  Well, anyway, this young Deacon has a very perceptive spiritual insight at a very early age, and I guess he goes on  my lifelong prayer list as well.

Do you know what cornball hokey thing I did today and thoroughly enjoyed myself?   I watched, Sun Valley Serenade, with hunky John Payne and Sonia Henie.  Never saw a Sonia Henie flick before but I was in a Nordic, ski-skate kind of mood; part of me envies Norma Zimmer because she and her husband, when she wasn’t singing for Welk, ran a Scandinavian-style ski resort in the mountains of California and she and her man would take to the slopes together with their boys and all seemed most happy.  But I digress.  Glenn Miller’s band was in this, always can’t hear him without thinking of Mom, the bobby soxers, and this flick was filled with some awesome music and musical numbers.  I have to find a clip of one in particular and post.  Glenn Miller was a genius and his arrangements were flawless.  I must get a sweater like the one John Payne wore when he got marooned with Henie in a snow cabin.  It’s a keeper!

There was a thunderstorm that I could hear in the distance today, but only a little rain here.  Not quite summer yet, plenty of clouds, but no cumulus ones yet, and no crape myrtle quite yet.  But there is heat.  Mon Dieu.

You know, they say Sonia Henie haunts the house that is now owned by Connie Stevens.  Connie Stevens, in the movies in the fifties and the early sixties always played either the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, and/or a loose woman.  But in those days, from movies to television, no one ever used the term whore or ho in dialect.  It was a phrase always vehemently pronounced by the man who had taken of the lady’s favors, i.e., “YOU CHEAP TRAMP!”  Connie was frequently the CHEAP TRAMP.  Robert Ryan came up with one in a movie that was a treasure but I can’t remember it all…something like, why you cheap little flick house something or other.  Honestly, why can’t people get a little more creative like that again.  Whore and ho is so–overused.

Well, Miss Scarlett is going to crash for the evening.  Dinner tonight will be very light and my own concoction:  an avocado, hummus and Creole (YAY!) tomato sandwich on French bread with a sprinkling of some herb from my potted garden, probably basil.  I bought an oregano potted plant today and thanks be to God, my herb garden is doing very well.