Saw on the news where Bam Bam, who is in Asia, made a point of publicly trashing Donald Trump, who, whatever your political affiliations are, you just don’t do to a fellow American when you’re on foreign soil.  Number 1, it’s disloyal to your own countrymen, but of course since he thinks he is above and beyond all other humans and Americans, he feels he has the right, erroneously.  Number 2) I heard his brilliant commencement address, so inspiring to new college graduates where he called the people who support Trump, “ignorant.”  So, since it is out of the question for me to support the Hildebeast, nor the socialist Sanders–millenials, look to Venezuela if you want to see socialism at work, I believe I shall have a special T shirt made for myself emblazoned with the words:  I’M AN IGNORANT TRUMP SUPPORTER.

Had to laugh last night when I heard Trump said Mitt Romney walks like a penguin.  Trump reminds me of an iconoclastic uncle or grandfather, or any relative, who, sitting in his easy chair, says exactly what’s on his mind.  Who among us has not been guilty of that–God, is she ugly!; God, he looks like a maniac; God, etc.  And if some people believe such behavior is not presidential, I’d like to ask them if they do have an iconoclastic relative like this–as I have had–who called it as they saw it, and upon whom I could always trust and rely.  Hillary Clinton will be the final flush apres Obama that will take this nation down the toilet. I don’t think Trump will.