Photo on 5-23-16 at 9.35 AM #2Seventh Inning Stretch ta-lons!

Saturday night I sat on the back porch with the natural extension of my hand, a glass of  chilled Pinot Grigio and took a moon bath.  Gorgeous, platinum full moon ringed with white haze in the midnight blue sky; completely mystical and beautiful.

Yesterday at the Blue Mass, and I did finally manage to cool off–put a huge chunk of frozen Pinot Grigio in a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio, closed most of the blinds, turned the AC to 66 degrees and re-watched the last episode of Outlander.  The hymns we sang were so gorgeous, and as we frequently do for special occasions, a coronet and trumpet accompanies Watson’s impeccable organ-playing.  At the beginning of Mass, I opened my hymnal to the opening hymn, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, something I adore to hear, sing, listen to and this was sung accompanied by the brass; before we began to sing, some mischievous little angel must have flitted by to try and make me crack up, which I almost did, because I got a flash of Madeline Kahn singing this in a scene from, “Young Frankenstein” just before the Creature carries her off for a night of…cigarettes.

But I managed to keep a straight face and we sang as first the police officers and firemen walked in behind the colors, followed by the Knights of Columbus, then the pastors, young Fr. Tim who is a father-what-a-waste if ever there was one, and the Archbishop, who kept his eyes on the choir smiling in approval.  When we finished, Stephanie, our Director mouthed to us, “Perfect!”

Might I tell you why I posted the above link to the above CD?  When we first got the stereo, Mom had this LP.  I played it constantly since I always loved movie themes.  Do you know, the first time I saw, “The  Bg Country,” in my 20’s, I was so familiar with the theme but I could never place how…until I saw this in the TCM catalog.  I’ve ordered it, it’s on back order, but I can’t wait to hear it.  I also used to listen to her Andy Williams album of great movie themes, one of which was from a movie I always loved, “Never on Sunday.”  Andy used to sing part of it in Greek and one day Mom was playing it and I started singing along in Greek with Andy and she looked at me as though I were a prodigy–no doubt wondering why I could do as well with French?

And now, to stinky mice.  This is truly gross, but not quite as gross, I’m thinking as women spread eagled in a movie trying self-inseminate herself with a turkey baster.

There are two back elevators here at work and for the longest they have smelled like weird fish being cooked.  I said as much to an elevator companion who told me in a scene that would haunt me for days, it’s not fish, it’s mice.  Apparently these elevators lead directly to the vivarium where the little rats live.  All that perfume is being sucked down the elevator shaft and has gotten so bad now I cannot get on the elevators because I was literally gagging and retching.  Went on a mission to try and solve this but needed my chairman’s permission because we must do this in a way not to offend anyone, in other words, I couldn’t call someone up and just say Jesus, Mary and Joseph, can’t you do something about the vomit-inducing smell.?  The correct diplomatic protocol was observed and Biohazard and Facility Services are now on the problem.  I told my chairman the status, and he got this mischievous look on his face and said, “you don’t want to ride the elevator, Jeanne, with all those squirming mice?”  He looked liked a wicked kid.  “You’re mean, Dr. Wu,” I said.  We both laughed.  Had to share this pleasant tail, uh, tale with you.  Apparently the odor is eau de mice bladder.  Pukey.

I do live an interesting life.



Photo on 5-23-16 at 9.35 AM #2