Revisiting the last episode of, “Outlander.”  And the subject of Toni Graphia, whose work, for years, provided me with some of the best entertainment and stories that I’ve enjoyed on television.  In addition to producing, “Outlander,” this Bayou State lady also wrote “Faith,” the most recent episode.  First, Caitriona Balfe deserves every acting award for her performance in, “Faith.”  But returning to Graphia and her writing.  It was flawless in the latest installment.  Absolutely perfect, all the right ingredients thrown in a perfect pot pourri, at the right time, not overly done, just master brushstrokes of writing that were very powerful, wrenching, fascinating, moving, just brilliant.  This was one of the finest scripts I’ve seen, and it was beautifully produced, beautifully acted, planned and executed with such depth of sensitivity.  The placement of the characters, the roles they played in the development of the story at a given point, just masterful.

This writer has been spinning stories about strong female protagonists for decades now with a continuing run of success.  I’m still a bit dazzled from the spell of this latest story.  There has been some acute violence, both physical and sexual, on this show, but it isn’t gratuitously done, because the aftermath of trauma is explored in depth with understanding, in a non-soap-opera way.

Jamie and Claire are going to return to Scotland; I shall really miss their being in France; miss Louise, Mother Hildegard, Bonnie Prince Charlie; Monsieur Raymond, Magnus, and perhaps most of all, little Bouton.  And all the French splendor and sumptuousness.  And language.

I did have to laugh at a couple of episodes back–it was the one where the sumptuous dinner party Jamie and Claire threw ended in a brawl.  It reminded me of the annual Ewing barbecue on, “Dallas,” that always ended in a huge brawl and everyone got sucker punched into the Ewing pool.