Mon Dieu, ca c’est chaud!  Just got back from singing the Blue Mass and it was a lovely Mass.  Showered before I left this morning, standing with the choir, in the robes, sweat was literally running down my legs and dampening my hair; should probably take another shower but the idea of getting into a steamy bathroom right now, or the shock of an overheated body in cold water is something I can’t face at the moment.  I’ m so hot that I’m going to do the unthinkable and put ice cubes into a perfectly good glass of Pinot Grigio.  So hot even my hairpins feel like extra clothing!

Yesterday made chili mac with whole grain elbows for the week and to freeze; this morning cooked lemon garlic chicken but I am so hot all I will have for lunch when I do eat is some cold pesto smeared on Italian bread.

Awakened this morning feeling wrapped in love.

Watched Outlander last night; my God!  It was powerful and wrenching and I won’t spoil it in case you  didn’t see it but I think you do.  I feel you watched the rerun of the episode before it with me.  There’s nothing Jamie and Claire don’t seem to be able to tell one another, no matter what.  You should feel that way about me, or should I say,  you can feel that way about me.  Rather that than a lie or deception.

Isn’t “Faith” a beautiful name for a girl?  Got to thinking about Outlander last night if I had adopted a little girl and wanted to name her the French version of Faith her name would be, “Foi Frois.”   Almost like naming someone with the last name of Lawrence Lawrence.

Just to remind you the way the Lawd works:  it don’t matter how many times ya done messed up or blew it’:  You is renewed every time you go to Jesus and ask forgiveness.  That’s why He died for our sins.

Well, I’m off to try and chill, literally.  In honor of the Blue Mass, I bought a new OPI nail polish that is this deep almost midnight blue, named, “Seventh Inning Stretch.”  Cool, n’est pas?

My eyes kept wandering to Joanne’s picture during the service and in my mind I planted a kiss on her forehead and prayed for her to be at peace.  Do you know, a few minutes later, I kept feeling like someone was stroking my hair in the back…and it wasn’t trickling sweat!

Well. Madonna. Someone once told me my aura was blue and blue was the soul ray color.  And I have always loved blue.