Heard this song playing in Joe W’s yesterday evening and its’ been decades since I last heard it.  But I have to confide a story to you about this song, and how it pulled me back so vividly to listen to it once again.

When I was 18, and in California, I went to work because my family, specifically my mother needed help and she had joined me  in Cal.  I was very green, and although I didn’t want anyone to know it, at times very sad and scared.  I lived twenty miles away from where I worked and always took the long way in because it meant driving by the ocean for a little ways.  This song was new and played a lot on the radio, and there were times when it would come on, especially at the end of day, when I felt like it was a cry from my own soul, and sometimes I would cry.  I’ve come a long way from being a green kid, but this recalled just how I felt, that I wanted to be anywhere but where I was…so, I’ve posted it.