Just realized it is Thursday night and that Canseco’s moved Steak Grilling Night from Tuesday to Thursdays.

So, may treat myself tonight.  Had extra expenses the last three weeks and was knee deep in austerity–actually it was a fun challenge and I did it!  So, I may treat myself to a good steak tonight for dinner.

A Challenge that I won:  Challenged myself to spend no more than $20.00 for groceries this week and spent $18.22; made a pot delicious butter beans, thawed out a good chicken soup I had frozen, had Swiss cheese sandwiches, and here it is Thursday and I did it.  So…I spend way too much money on groceries for one person, but that’s because I like to cook…however, the challenge of what I did this past week was fun and a fun challenge…so, think I’ll keep it up.  But I will have a treat tonight!