Here is Toni Graphia with “Bouton” from “Outlander,” that she produces.  Toni Graphia did a lot of writing on “Dr. Quinn,” i see her name in the opening credits nearly every time I watch it.  Believe or not, I have tapered off a bit.  I also just learned Ms. Graphia is from Louisiana.  Well, good job, native sister.

I now call Meggie Doucet (pronounced Doo-Say, isn’t that lovely?) “Bouton” every time I see her.  I would like to say that, given the difference in our ages, that we are like mother and daughter, but that’s not quite true.  In essence, we are both more like two crazy dorm roommates who hit it off.  Well, always said Mom and I were more like sisters and mother and daughter.

Haven’t mentioned another of my summer favorites, “Penny Dreadful.”  Well, I have to say that this last episode had one of the most gross out, gross out scenes I have ever seen in anything and it really went too far.  Lily, Dorian Gray and a young woman they have rescued and taken under their wings and corrupted, after she slit the throat of a former pimp who abused her, assembled in the altogether for a threesome and all three of them were painted from head to toe in the man’s blood.  I couldn’t watch it, it was  hideous and hideous and beyond lewd and depraved and not even horror, just horribly base.  They were dyed red.