Feel myself slipping into that lazy summer days mentality, that, paradoxically, usually results in more productivity but much less mental stress, as if all the golden, honeyed sunlight of Louisiana is pulling me into its rhythm while it takes my soul  on a voyage on the waters of the Mississippi.

The Blue Mass to honor policemen and firemen will be this Sunday at the 11 AM Mass at St. Catherine’s and my choir will sing it.  So, no 4PM Mass tomorrow.   I love the Blue Mass so much; I will once again stop by Joanne’s picture and pay my respects to that darling girl.  Archbishop Aymond will once again celebrate it; when I watched “The Passion” here in New Orleans, there was one quick camera pan to him in the crowd, barely recognized him wearing a black bee-bop cap over his habit.   Will have to dress very lightly because, alas, we’re going to wear the choirs robes again as we do for special occasions.  So hot.

Did the most brilliant thing yesterday after work.   I had to make a deposit at the bank on Metairie Road and used the drive through.  Drove off with the pneumatic tube canister in the front seat and took it home.  Drove through again this morning before work and the bank opened and replaced it.  Uh, duh.