Thinking of your Woody Allen-movie-like life.  It is, n’est pas?  A Tarot reader once told me you hated the people someone surrounded you with, and frankly, I can see why.  Saw a clip of CBS this morning with Charlie Rose and someone’s name came up as there always seems to be a point to bring the name up, and he responded with an immediate, I Love  __________.  Why does it always make me suspicious when someone makes a point of saying that publicly?  Because it honestly makes me think they feel they are under some obligation to do so because if they said what they really thought it would be insulting.  I guess it’s all those Woody Allenisms.  Of all the places in the world, of all the circles of people in the world, in all of the whole of the world, do you know the last place I ever suspected you’d wind up in is exactly where you’ve wound up.  It is the last place.  Because, you see, for all your dreamy ways, I always thought there was just too much of the salt of the earth in you to join…a circle that you would seem to embrace.  Especially one such as this.