Again, it’s funny how things turn out.  This is not related to my lineage, or love life or anything mystical.  But remember me telling about the woman and the self-sufficient insult, and the Dean’s office told her to override the system?  After all of this happened I got a phone call from someone in her office with whom I have always had a great relationship, but I didn’t know she was this woman’s supervisor.  She said, “Jeanne, I just saw the email from the Dean’s office about the room override…may I ask, why didn’t you call  __________(woman I did call who was rude), or me…”  I really didn’t want it to get to the point of a rat out; just wanted the room to be reserved, so I hesitated answering her and then just said, I did call and I spoke to  _____________.  When I told her what was said, I heard her on the other end of the line do a sharp intake of breath and then she started apologizing profusely.  She told me, that’s why we’re here, and that’s part of her job.  She was very upset and I did reassure her I hadn’t told the Dean’s office what actually happened, for which she seemed grateful.  She couldn’t stop apologizing to me and said for me to always call her directly if we needed anything.  And she said she was going to talk to _________about what happened and address it.

Well driving into work this morning I saw  __________walking on the sidewalk and she didn’t look too happy; she caught sight of me and looked away.  Oh, well.