Have to also admit this past weekend that, with my first cup of Sunday morning coffee, watched another Disney flick, “The Shaggy Dog.” Yes, I admit it.  Remake with Tim Allen.  I got hooked at the sight of the shaggy dog who was playing the Shaggy Dog.  Tim Allen is a complete lunatic.  And I mean that in a good way.  This was another adorable dog movie, and I guess I really needed a dog fix this weekend.  Must be the loup garou in me.  I did enjoy, “Snow Dogs,” a lot, especially James Coburn…and the dogs and there was a scene that made me realize something heretofore not noticed by me.  There is this egocentric celebrity dogsled racer fittingly named, “Olivier.”  Figured you’d love that. He’s a real Steve Stunning and travels with candelabra, Alaskan snow crab, etc.  James Coburn is Thunder Jack, a real rough mountain man.  The two are in a race and they stop for the night.  Thunder Jack is about to feed his team when he sees the silhouette of Oliver feasting in his tent with candles, etc.  With disgust, Thunder Jack claims, “what or of man would eat before he fed his dogs?!”  Well, indeed!  I suddenly realized that in my home, we never sat down to a meal until after Earl was first fed.  It just wouldn’t have been right.  He always got his food first and then my family and myself ate and that still didn’t stop him from begging (or us giving in).  It’s takes a rat of a man to eat before he first feeds his dog.  Really…”I believe in fires at midnight, when the dogs have all been fed…”