Bully, North Carolina.  Today was the deadline for you to give an answer to the DOJ on whether or not you would back down from your law that shot down the ridiculous transgender bathroom thing Obama and his mongoloids are trying to shove down the throats of Americans, especially Conservatives.  What a blight on the national this jackass has been–already there have been reports of men being caught trying to film women and young girls in bathroooms and dressing rooms where this transgender nonsense is allowed.  It’s a war on women, isn’t it, and young girls, and no one is trying to punish transgender people, but keep women and girls safe from predators who will no doubt pretend to use this to their advantage.  I mean, Jesus, it’s common sense, isn’t it?  But everything in this convoluted logic has to be turned on its head, Emperor’s New Clothes again.  We have seven months until this clown is gone and truthfully I look at it the same way as watching a piece of toilet paper flushing down the john.  Can’t wait.  You don’t think the country has enough to content with without this stupid law?  Unbelievable!