Yesterday was a slow Saturday to get started although I am most happy to report the back and leg pain are now almost non-existent; combination of sleeping half the night in my bed, awakening, and then spending the rest of the night in the recliner.  Been sleeping the last few night through in my bed and the morning pain has been minimal.   Also been drinking daily a cocktail in the morning of two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with turmeric as a detoxifier and I think that also has helped.  And, it’s warmer.  As it was a slow start yesterday morning, stayed in my jammies awhile before heading out to run an errand at a place that opened at 10 AM.  I watched a Disney movie from 2004 called, “Snow Dogs” with Cuba Gooding, Jr and James Coburn.  And I liked it as I was in the mood to revel in dogs.  Once a Disney kid always a Disney kid.

But this afternoon I watched a movie I had always heard a lot about, never saw, and wanted to:  “Blue Velvet” form 1986.  Kyle MacLaclan, Laura Dern and Isabella Rossellini.  I haven’t had a movie filled me with as much edge of my seat suspense like this one since the first time I saw, “Alien,” though those many moons ago.  This was a good movie with fine performances by MacLachlan and Dern.  I thought Rossellini, who reminds me much of her mother, was a bit rough around the edges performance wise, and Dennis Hopper just ate up too much scenery as the film progressed, but it really was a fine, gripping film that nearly turned me into a pretzel watching it.  And as dark as the subject was, it was filled with allegory; Rossellini’s apartment and the dump they took them on a joy ride resembled hell; and the first scene where MacLachlan are talking about what’s happening on this case, and their view of the world, and when they both start falling in love with each other is outside a church at night with the stained glass windows lit within and you can hear the music of a church service; it’s a lovely scene.  When Dern discovers KM had been having relations with IR after he tells her he loves, her reaction and pain and disbelief were so convincing and so easy to empathize with, and yet, she forgives him…because all in .all, theirs was the sacredness of true love and I suppose she knew he really loved her as she loved him.  But, throughout this  dark suspenseful tale, having at once gotten terribly fond of both KM’s and LD’s characters,  I kept saying, “that kid’s gonna get himself killed!  That kid’s gonna get himself killed!”  Won’t reveal the ending, you’ve probably seen it anyway and since it takes me sometimes decades to get caught up on movies.