I just saw on the viewing guide that Showtime is going to rerun this season opener of Penny Dreadful at 6PM CDT.  I think I’ll watch it again.  This afternoon, sitting in the livingroom with the beautiful spring day shining outside, the AC kicked on and a few minutes later something blew from the table that had been there for some time.  It was a ad card that came in the mail from Message Envy suggesting to gift Mamas with a massage for Mother’s Day.  But it was funny the way it just blew and I picked it up and turned it over.  It was an adorable close up of a puppy with the caption:  You brought home a puppy and Mom took care of it.  Thanks, Mom.  I did bring home a puppy, and Mom took him under her wings.  I’ll take that as a sign for Mother’s Day and wish all those angels in heaven, especially Mom, thank you and Happy Mother’s Day.  And that’s from Handsome Ransom Jackson, who wants to wish all you mothers out there a happy Day!