It would have been too chilly for a swim this morning, but the front pools are open, only, I like the back pools much better, we’ll see.  Might try riding that bike now that I seem to be better, but Lord what a damper that pain placed on the first few months of 2016.  But, I am almost in complete viewing glory since the warm weather favorites have returned save one:  Ray Donovan.  That’s in June.  But, Turn, Penny Dreadful and Outlander.  The first episode of the new season of Penny Dreadful had poor Vanessa in deep depression and alone.  I am happy to say that Patti Lupone has rejoined the cast as a female Dr. Seward, an alienist who Vanessa starts consulting.  I had loved her last year as the cut-wife, Joan Clayton and the time she and Vanessa spent in her isolated cottage on the moor–come to find out, Dr. Seward discloses she is a relative of the Claytons from the West country.  The relationship between Joan Clayton and Vanessa reminded me of my relationship with my mother, minus of course, the cut-wifery and name calling.  This being Penny Dreadul, I guess they couldn’t have Clayton as a Mother Goose sort who sang nursery rhymes to expecting mothers for practice, but a cut-wife.

In her first session with Vanessa, Dr. Seward basically goes into an instamatic summary of what’s wrong with Vanessa that’ s making her ill.  I found myself filled with nerves that were being personally hit by the analysis and I have to admit there was a time I was in that exact place described.  I’m no longer there.  But I was.