Yesterday afternoon was warm and beautiful, walked to the front office to drop off rent check.  On the way passed gardenia bushes loaded with white blossoms filling the air with the incense of their perfume; passed a climbing bank of–dare I say it and be politically incorrect–Confederate jasmine and drew in a snootful of that divine scent; further on, passed a ligustrum bush with its white, spiky, lacy flowers and drank in that perfume as well.  Always have said white flowers are the most fragrant and delicious and it’s such a joy to have Confederate jasmine, gardenias, ligustrum and magnolias blooming all around you in New Orleans, or anywhere in the South.  And there’s another divine flower to mention:  night blooming jasmine.  We once had one in a pot on the patio and unfortunately it didn’t last but when it bloomed and the back door was opened the entire place was filled with its perfume.  Driving to work in the actual light of 6:15 AM, although the clock says 7:15 or 7:20, through the charm of Old Metairie, I pass a long side yard of a house under trees where golden day lilies line the fence like sunlight.  There’s another house that has just a small plot of soil by its front steps much like ours on Joliet Street, that’s filled with gorgeous, rich yellow irises.   Enjoying the merry month of May!  Pools still broken!