I wonder if I would like Paris.  I have to say that I am surprised at how much I am enjoying all things so completely French in, “Outlander,” as though everything is striking such a chord in me as though it’s very familiar and comfortable–and just a pleasure.  Is it too late for me to learn French?  Should I balance the options of buying a new bottle of Coco Mademoiselle as opposed to a French Rosetta stone?  This season of Outlander is quite a trip.  Bonnie Prince Charlie is a trip.  Great acting there. For example, he and Jamie were in a brothel with Murtagh plotting to put his father on the English throne, and he was prattling on about it was God’s will that a Catholic be king of England, going on about the glory of God and when he finished he paused and said, “and now I have need of woman.  Perhaps two.”  Phenomenal delivery and very much a character who is comedic while thinking he is most serious.  The last episode, Claire and Jamie had just been voulez-vousing in the night when they heard the sound of footsteps.  Jamie whispered, “someone’s walking on the roof!”  Grabs his sword, waits by the door, and when he hears footsteps outside the door, flings it open, brandishes his sword ready to kill…knock the intruder down and it’s…Bonnie Prince Charlie.  He had just fled the boudoir of his married lover whose husband returned unexpected and walked on the rooftops of Paris until he got to Jamie’s place.  His lover’s pet monkey also bit him in the process.  So…anyway, to return to my point, I wonder if I would love Paris.  Doesn’t seem very safe to go there now…but do you remember when the Winter Olympics back in the 90’s was in France?  I thrilled to everything French then as well, even their unique opening ceremony, and the man in the beret having, bread, wine and cheese for breakfast.  I guess blood will out, just surprised at the Francophile torrent that seems to be coming out of me.  But one thing I don’t like:  French cinema.