Destination America has added yet another paranormal show to its line up and this one is a real kick.  It’s called, “Ghost Brothers,” and as all the other ghost hunting teams are white, this team is three black dudes who grew up together.  Dispel the myth about black people and the dead.  These guys charge in to investigate seriously while sometimes having you on the floor laughing.  Extremely fun, likeable bunch, and it comes on 9PM on Fridays but I usually tape it and watch sometime during the weekend.  The first place they investigated was Magnolia Plantation here in Looziana.  Frequenly exclamations includes, oh Hail, oh Hail no I ain’t going in there..or, Dawg, you kidding me?  You kiddin’ me, Dawg?  One spirit was that of a woman who committed suicide because her married lover wouldn’t leave his wife as he had promised in 1949 in Arkansas.  As the brothers were listening to her story, Marcus, the chubby barber said, “Dang!  She was a side chick?”  And Juwan sat in a dark attic of her house and said, Ladell, I know it’s hard when life doesn’t go the way we expect it to go, but you can’t lose heart.  Ladell, come sit by us on the sofa here and talk to us, we want to help you.”  His counselors words were interrupted by a panicked Daelan who yelled, “I just felt someone sit down on the couch beside me!”  He was the only one with a light and he left poor Juwan stranded up there in the dark as he fled.  These guys are a lot of fun and I like them, they are also serious investigators and I enjoy their show a lot.