Monday, when I presented to work with my new hair color.  A report.  Jenn, my coworker and pal, she who slapped my arm for several minutes when I helped her find her car in the parking garage a few years ago, stopped at my desk and said:  “Jeanne.  I really love the red in your hair.  It makes you look like a young Audrey Hepburn!”  I replied, “Jenn.  You said the three magic words:  Audrey. Hepburn. Young.”

So as yesterday was that wonderful actresses’ birthday, TCM showed a lot of her movies that I taped.  One of which is a favorite, “Love in the Afternoon” with the divine Gary Cooper, Jesus, those hips!.  This movie is such a trip.  I love the Gypsies who play things like, “Hot Paprika,” etc…..watched it this evening, completely enjoyable movie.  I love both of them, Cooper and Hepburn!

I have big feet like Audrey Hepburn, want you to know.   And I wear gunboats, but then, again, so do you.  Feeling marvelous, darling, marvelous!