United States…Brazil…Bahrain…Italy…South Africa…Venezuela.  And so it goes.

Where is the hell is Bahrain exactly?

Made myself sleep in until 6 AM this morning.  Stayed in jammies until 9 AM, wrapped in an afghan watching a Paranormal State marathon, then a Pioneer Woman episode, then left for errands.  Really dragging and tired today.  Going to make  Mexican chicken soup tomorrow, thank God they’re making Ro-Tel salt free now…filled with corn, peppers, onion, tomatoes, cumin and ONE teaspoon of chili powder, top the bowl with cheddar cheese, avocado, tortilla chips that I will roast myself and a dollop of light sour cream.

Came home from errands starving, had lunch and as TNT is showing all episodes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, found it was very relaxing to settle down with The Fellowship of the Ring; had to leave The Two Towers to go to 4PM Mass–even more of a super skeleton crew because I was the only soprano who showed up outside Stephanie, the director and Joan who was on the altar as cantor.  But we got a thumbs up again from Stephanie, and a gentleman who sings bass behind me said that when I sing with them, the quality goes up a notch and he wasn’t just saying that flatter me he claimed.  And then he said, when you’re here, and we have Linda besides you (who has a gorgeous voice) he said, then we’re singing like the angels.  I guess I’m a music minister again…seriously, they really need some bodies there.

Felt you waiting to walk to communion with me as though you felt you might not be sure I wanted you there…what rot, man.  I’ll always want you there…and no, I’m not mad at you because of all this international stuff…goodness gracious, once there was a Tarot reading that said a certain woman would win the world…this is not quite how I imagined it.

In a Lord of the Rings moos; might watch it all night provided I don’t conk out; it’s gray and windy and somewhat misty.  All is well.