It continues to rain, and I don’t mind.  Terrible weather moved through yesterday and I left the house early to try to beat it and it hit right as I reached Claiborne Avenue but I was nearly to work anyway so not too bad.  Rained steadily on the way in this morning but everyone driving seemed to be on their best behavior and the drive was one of rain that I again enjoyed.  That line from, “V for Vendetta…”  “God is in the rain.”   Rushing yesterday to leave early enough to beat the storm, randomly threw leftovers into my container for lunch–i.e., rice, okra, small piece of chicken, dab of Smart Balance and dropped a slice of Swiss cheese over all, which, when warmed in the microwave, all combined into a surprisingly tasty little lunch that smelled divine.

Slept all night in my own bed, head and should propped up on pillows; both legs propped on a long, firm pillow and again no excruciating pain, the usual crick that’s now relieved by a good rubdown with Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salts rub.  I beginning to think this guy, if he is a real human, should be canonized.  Speaking of lavender, on my tiny plant I have three gorgeous blooms.  Sunday I moved them into a large, royal purple pot on the front porch and the shade of the green leaves combined with the purple blooms looks beautiful in that pot.  My front porch no longer looks Tuscan, because I have pots  in almost every color in the spectrum matched best to the plant they hold; my neighbors compliment me about my porch all the time and that’s very nice.

Left work a little early yesterday to make it to the post office so I could mail my tax returns before it closed at 4:30 PM.  The same people have worked at the Metairie Road Post Office for years and some of the customers are on mutual first name or last name basis with them; that was nice.  It reminded me of Apple Street when I was a kid.  The lady who waited on me asked, looking at the addresses–IRS and LA Department of Revenue–“regular mail?”  I nodded and said, yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…she laughed  and replied only if you’re getting money back, which in this case I am not, due to the emergency car withdrawal last winter when they failed to deduct for taxes.  Oh well, not a monumental amount to pay, thank Goodness, or as they say in some novel, “Bress Gawd.”

Recently saw where there was a centennial celebration of someone in New York last January.  You looked miserable.