Yesterday when I meditated, felt strongly guided for two things related to my back that surprised me:  that I needed to eat rice and take milk thistle.  I ate a bowl of rice with dinner last night and started taking the milk thistle.  Last night slept soundly in the recliner and awakened with no pain, a little stiffness in my ankle that quickly passed.

Spent the early part of the morning doing the bulk of my taxes; for my freelance writing will file separate but that will take no time.  Cleaned out the refrigerator and got the kitchen in order; roasting chicken breasts in onion, tomato, peppers with a sprinkling of curry for something different; made curried rice, steamed whole okra and and steaming gorgeous golden beets for a carrot and beet salad in a balsamic vinaigrette.  Haven’t been able to do any sewing yet, but that remains to be seen.  It’s a beautiful day, golden semi-warm, and it was so heaven sent to awaken pain free this morning after days and days to the contrary.  Have been cooking, opposite to plan, the bulk of the morning, and I’m ready to relax now.  The second night I slept in the recliner, I awakened in a lot of pain as opposed to the previous night, but I will sleep in it again tonight and eat rice, take milk thistle…oh, something made me buy Bayer asprin’s Back and Body–it’s got caffeine in it that accelerates relief to the pain site…that’s been helping to0, even more than the prescription drugs.

Haven’t made it to check the pool water yet.