Today awakened with my entire right side  from lower back to foot feeling like lead, a painful load of lead to drag around.  Drank my coffee standing up because I couldn’t sit, and walked about with my cup and rosary for nearly an hour.  Then curiously, I sat on the corner of the sofa because I intended to meditate using the old technique, powerful technique Shirley Harrison had taught me–and the pain relaxed.

Went out on a mission to find bunches of silk daisies for the crock pitcher on the dining room table.  I know the young generation of designers turn their noses up at these silk flowers and say use fresh…well, that might be better, that’s true, but fresh flowers today, like everything else is expensive, even daisies.  Went to Joann’s craft store and found them; also bought some bright yellow cotton and orange calico with tiny yellow flowers on them and a spool of thread that looks just like sunlight; going to cover some old pillows with this fabric.  I desperately needed Dr. Teal’s Lavender Body Wash and discovered he also makes Epsom salts, lavender with shea butter body rub, so I bought some of that also and slathered it on my aching limbs after my shower and it did help while smelling delicious.  Not going to do a lot of cooking tomorrow, just roast some chicken, rice, veggies; but I will hand sew the pillow coverings.  The daisies are overflowing the pitcher, the cloth looks so bright; and the kitchen is a wasteland but that hour of orderliness ordained I will give to God.

When I arrived at 4PM Mass, saw that we had a skeleton choir, always a little intimidating, but you know, we did just fine!  Stephanie, our choir director, gave us a thumb’s up and mouthed, “very pretty,” especially after we sang this gorgeous hymn I’ve posted in the link.  I will follow up with the lyrics right after this post.  I saw a little girl around 12 as I drove home past the pool after Mass sitting on the side with her feet and legs in the water.  Maybe tomorrow I will test it for temperature.  I think I will sleep in the recliner tonight.  Painted my fingernails swimming pool blue before Mass, and once there, Margaret, Jan and I got into a big discussion about OPI’s New Orleans collection.

I went to Rouse’s this morning, bundled up in my back brace.  When I was wheeling my groceries to my car, a woman backed out of her parking space like a bat out of hell just as I was behind her car and if I hadn’t twisted and jumped out of the way at the last minute, she would have run me over.  This hurt my back terribly and I cried out at her, why don’t you look where you’re going?  She passed me and said out her window, I’m sorry, I hope in Jesus’s name that when you do something like that you won’t be met with the reaction you gave me.  Typical New Orleans bad driver in the wrong putting the wrong on the other person.  I lit up like a match and I told her, I don’t do that to people because I pay attention when I’m driving, Jackass!  The poor thing–the woman she nearly ran down told her to watch where she’s going.  Oh boo hoo!  But I did pray for her at Mass, especially that she pay attention and not do stupid things anymore and asked God to forgive me for getting so mad.  But there’s nothing like the possibility of being run down by a car to get you rattled.

Going to crash; cooked a pot of jasmine rice; house smells wonderful.   Fresh Cotton candle is burning, laid my hand on your cheek walking to communion since I felt you at my side–you could go with me, you know, really, you’d just have to cross your arms over your chest and the priest will bless you instead of communion.  A chilled bottle of Pinto Grigio awaits me.  I’m so glad I bought the daisies.  You know the Louisiana iris is my favorite flower, and I thought roses came second… Wish I could watch Sven tonight.  Offered my Mass up for you.