Have to admit the leg and back condition is back where it was at its worst and I’m getting discouraged. I dread getting up in the morning and morning used to be one of my favorite times of the day. Thinking perhaps I should just rise and head straight to the shower but that’s hard when you haven’t had coffee.

Last night I was very tired, so after supper, snuggled into bed, piled pillows behind my back, under my legs, and finally got comfortable and was in the mood to watch, “V for Vendetta,” on BBC America, a movie I really like.  Got so comfortable and relaxed, dosed off and was stabbed awake by the telephone…it was a political survey and I told them they woke me up and to not call back.  I’m bringing this up to lead to a question; a few months ago, on a Saturday afternoon, the phone rang and this very imperious woman’s voice said, “I’m so and so from the National Pro Life Movement.”  Then, in a very challenging voice she demanded to know whether or not I was pro life.  Now, I have been pro life and anti abortion all of my life, but when it came to answering this woman my back got up.  I told her politely, “Ma’am, I don’t answer that kind of question over the phone to a perfect stranger.”  She told me she would take me off the call list and I thanked her.  Several years ago, when I worked at Catholic Charities, some of the do gooders there, and when I say do gooders I think you know I don’t necessarily am paying them a compliment, circulated these statements that we were to sign stating that we did not support, and would never support abortion, and I told them I wasn’t signing a damned thing.  And again, I was adamantly pro life and anti-aboriton.  So, I want to pose this question to you, someone who made me see that being frightened and still doing what you had to do wasn’t cowardice when I thought it was, in other words, I respect your opinion and wish you would run it by me more often…what exactly is this a sign of regarding these two instances of me being pro life but basically telling the pro lifers they weren’t going to pin me down.  And it isn’t that I think I will change my mind.  Your take?

I heard on the news this morning that Pope Francis has issued a lengthy document on marriage and divorce, and is supporting the idea of allowing divorced Catholics, or Catholics who marry divorced people to be allowed to receive the Eucharist.  He’s right, you know.