I had to post the link to another editorial from Errol Laborde re the monuments and proposed removal.  I think he makes brilliant points here, actually lasers in right to the issue of why they should remain in New Orleans.  When I was going back and forth with the writer at the New Orleans Advocate about this, although I didn’t cite Marcus Aurelius, I did cite the ancient monuments still standing across the world that were erected at some point when slavery was practiced.  I find that most educated, erudite and accomplished people hold to this same argument as mine, and Errol’s.  And no, I’m not saying that the people who oppose it are ignorant, although I think a lot of them are and are being led to a politically pandering base by the underhanded who are educated but just want power–and position–elected or not.  There are so many brilliant points scored in Errol’s piece that I can just hear the intentionally blinded adamantly arguing and ignoring it.